Sunday, 16 December 2018

Mrs Mulled Wine's Christmas Countdown | One Week To Go

I think this will probably be my last post for Mrs Mulled Wine in 2018. I hope you've enjoyed the slightly different format this year. It's Jack's birthday next weekend and I want to focus on that rather than sitting behind my laptop for the sake of one more post. Metty Christmas everybody! I hope you have a great one and that Santa is kind xx

Christmas Food 

Everywhere I look, I'm surrounded by beautiful Christmas food at the moment and I swear I think I'm going to put 2 stone on in December! I've been really impressed with Iceland - not somewhere I would have shopped a few years ago but I really think they've upped both their image and their game this year. I've ordered the kids these 'Make Your Own Rudolph Macaron's (affiliate)' which were on offer for £1.75 this week (usually £3 or part of a 2 for £5 deal). These are going to be fab as an after-school treat I think.

Christmas Bread Wreath and Camembert from Aldi

I usually order my Christmas food online via Waitrose to be delivered on 23 December and place a party food order wth M&S but I'll be honest when I say that neither shops have inspired me this year. My local Aldi however has really pushed the boat out and their Christmas Food range looks superb. Aldi is just a short walk from our home so I'm going to walk there at 8:30am on Friday, Steve will take the kids to school and then meet me there with the car. I'm hoping it won't be too busy and I get everything I need. I'm terrible for over-buying at this time of year (but also need to remember the kids will be home and they eat A LOT) so I'm writing a list and sticking to it! Where are you shopping for Christmas food this year?

Our Christmas Day Plans 

Now the kids are older, they don't tend to wake up until around 8:30am and I am up WAY before them. I love scrolling Facebook and seeing everyone's Christmas morning photos. We'll head downstairs, open our presents and crack open the bucks fizz. Steve always makes us bacon sandwiches too. We're the kind of family who does like to make a bit of an effort on Christmas Day so I'll go upstairs to sort out my hair and make-up at 10:30am ish.

We love visiting our local Greek restaurant Aphrodite for Christmas. My mam only has every other Christmas day off work so when I do get to spend Christmas Day with her, I don't want her to be stuck in the kitchen all day (she's the kind of mam that would not let anyone help her) and I love that the whole family can walk to the restaurant so both Steve and I can enjoy a couple of glasses of wine with lunch and leave the car at home. It's around a 20 minute walk so it's nice to get some fresh air too! Eating out is expensive (£175 excluding drinks for 3 courses for the 5 of us) but we know their food is lush (they serve traditional Christmas dinner as well as Greek food), the atmosphere is fab and you can't put a price on spending Christmas day with your family.

After lunch we'll walk back to my mams, have more drinks and play a game before heading home at teatime. I love Christmas night at home when the kids can play with their new toys and we can change into our PJs and watch TV with Christmas chocolates. Lush! 

Slowing Down for Christmas 

I've massively reduced my workload this December and purposely not booked anything for us to do from this weekend onwards. Our school holidays are usually pretty full on and I think the Christmas Holidays are the perfect time to chill out and relax. Yesterday we watched Christmas Movies, did a spot of baking, coloured in, read books and stayed in our PJs. It was lush! We do have a cinema trip and a walk along the coast planned for next weekend for Jack's birthday and I'd really like to visit Woodhorn in the holidays but I'm not going to put any pressure on us to go anywhere or do anything.

Christmas Shopping 

I've almost finished my Christmas Shopping! Yippee! I can't believe I didn't start until the end of November this year but to be honest, I've found it pretty easy. I planned what I was going to buy beforehand, wrote a list and stuck to it. A combination of a day at intu Metrocentre, a trip to North Shields Christmas Market, Amazon and a few online charities and a couple of trips to Home Bargains for Christmas Tat and I'm done. I still need to source Heidi and Jack some Christmas PJs (I'm hoping to find some in Manor Walks next week), buy Christmas Bath Bombs and Wine but then I'm done. Woohoo!

Thanks for reading.  I'll be sharing our final Christmas prep over on my Instagram Stories if you fancy watching along. See you in 2019 xx



  1. Ahhh Happy Christmas! I've loved reading this weekly updates!

    We went to four supermarkets yesterday to stock up for Christmas and we've definitely over bought (when I'm buying all the food I seem to forget there's only two of us!) - SO impressed with everything in Aldi, we've bought a fair few bits in there and there was plenty more I wanted but I just about managed to stop myself!

  2. I can't believe we are here already. When you started these it felt like ages away and now here we are. I've a few last minute bits then I'm done too. I'm feeling way less stressed. Can't wait to break up from my jobs and really relax. I'll be sad that these posts and the countdown is over though!


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