Sunday, 2 December 2018

Mrs Mulled Wine's Christmas Countdown - 3 weeks to go

Only three weeks to go! My pre-Christmas stress seems to have melted away a little this week. I'm not putting too much pressure on myself, haven't packed too much into my diary, I'm cutting down on work and I've spent a lot of time watching Christmas Movies. I hope after Monday (my Christmas shopping day) I'll feel a lot more organised and prepared too.

Elf on the Shelf

No doubt your Social Feeds have been flooded with the arrival of various elves this weekend. Love them or hate them, there's no getting away from them. We have a little elf called Zac. He doesn't monitor the kids' behaviour (although I have bought a Christmas Reward Chart for Jack this year as I'm at the end of my tether with him at the moment). Our elf arrives with a North Pole breakfast. I bought some bits and bobs from Home Bargains and Poundland (less than a tenner in total) and H, H and J were SO excited about this and loved their little elf party.

Our First Christmas Dinner

We have four Christmas meals booked this year with the first one being at Evan's Bistro in Whitley Bay before panto. OMG I love a good turkey dinner and this one did not disappoint. I highly recommend their homemade Gingerbread Cheesecake for afters. Yum!

Christmas plans for the week

This week is probably our busiest in the run-up to Christmas. I have my annual Christmas shopping day with my mam at intu Metrocentre on Monday, I am attending a wreath making workshop in town later today, we're off to Theatre Royal and Northern Stage press nights, we're visiting Father Christmas at Alnwick Garden and then we're celebrating my birthday on Friday / next weekend. I'm hoping to visit North Shields Christmas Market which is my absolute favourite. Busy, busy, busy...... I'm hoping to finish work for the festive season in two weeks time and take three weeks off so I don't mind being too busy at all.

Real Tree vs Artificial Tree

For the past few years I've bought a real Christmas tree. I think they look far superior and I love the scent they fill your house with. I don't find dropping needles to be an issue but I get we may have been lucky. I was all set to buy an IKEA Christmas tree (the deal where you buy a tree for £25 and get a £20 voucher to spend in store in January) but when I checked out my diary, we wouldn't have been able to buy one until 11th December which is far too late for my liking (I like to put our tree up on December 1st) so in the end, we decided to put our artificial tree up instead this year. We have one which is pre-lit and if you're in the market to buy a new tree, I'd highly recommend choosing a pre-lit tree as I think they look nicer and they are far less hassle. Heidi decorated ours last night and I need to switch a couple of baubles around before I share a pic. Stay tuned! Here's a quick peek of our fireplace. I love our Christmas book pile (formally our book advent which I don't have time for these days) and I've caught Jack sitting on the stairs reading a Christmas book twice already today which melts my heart - he picked The Smelly Sprout (affiliate)  and Father Christmas Needs a Wee (affiliate) as his first books to read so they must be his faves.

Christmas Movies

I usually work for a couple of hours when the kids come home from school - for some reason, this seems to be when my inbox is at it's busiest but I tend to stop this over the festive season and take some time to slow down. Steve has been working late so I've been watching Christmas Movies with the kids each night. If you haven't watched The Christmas Chronicles on Netflix yet, check it out. We LOVED it and it did make me teary on a couple of occasions. Definitely one we can add to our Christmas Movie Collection. We've also watched Nativity, Nativity 2 and Elf so far. I'm hoping for Santa Claus the Movie and Home Alone next.

Panto Bingo 

We've watched three pantos so far this year. Check out our reviews for Gala Theatre, Customs House and Playhouse Whitley Bay). I think that Gala Durham has been our favourite so far and I'm pleased we made the journey over to Durham. Anyway, did you know there are trends with pantos? Well there are and this year I've spotted a couple. If you're heading to a panto this year, let me know how many you spot:

1 - A song from The Greatest Showman
2 - Flossing
3 - Baby Shark
4 - Dabbing
5 - A mention of Fortnite
6 - Brexit

Christmas around the web: 

Let me know your festive plans for the week ahead.......


  1. I watched the Christmas Chronicles this weekend too, and loved it! It was nice to snuggle up with my daughter in front of the tree. I'm planning on having a big break over Christmas, too. Can't wait! Thanks for the mention. xxx

  2. You know my thoughts on the Christmas Chronicles, lol. So far we've watched Jack Frost, Polar Express, Shrek the Halls, Angela's Christmas, the Christmas Calendar and the Princess Switch. I need to ramp it up too! I'm an artificial tree girl but I really want a pre-lit one now, the lights are a pita. The new spruce ones look very realistic. You north pole breakfast looked very cute, well done you!


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