Monday, 13 November 2017

Where do you buy your Christmas Food?

I am not brand loyal at all when it comes to shopping for Christmas food and I also can't think of anything worse than walking around the supermarket with a packed trolley and spending £300 a few days before Christmas! I've tried a few different methods over the year and thought it would make a good topic for a blog post. I'd love to hear what you do in the comments......

Asda Online Shop

When we lived in Wallsend, Asda Benton was not far from us at all and it was probably the place I did most of my shopping. I have a bit of a horror story from Christmas time though that actually put my off Asda Delivery for life! It was December 2010 and it was a year that we suffered from fairly bad snow. I was heavily pregnant with Jack (who was born on 22 Dec), on crutches and in serious pain due to SPD and also in charge of a one-year-old and four-year-old. I ordered my Steve was working 12 hour shifts in the run up to Christmas so I ordered my online Christmas food shopping and lots of supplies through Asda for 19 December. There was no way I'd manage to make it to the shops in my condition and supervise two little ones so this seemed like the most sensible option. Only it wasn't. My order did not turn up due to bad weather. They didn't bother to phone me either. When I eventually got through to store they assured me it would get here but they didn't know when and to just sit and wait. So I did....past midnight and it never turned up. I phoned the store again the following day and they said they couldn't make it due to bad weather. I asked for a refund (my order was around £200) and they said this would take 5-7 working days so would probably happen after Christmas. What on earth was I supposed to do with no money and no more delivery slots available? Thankfully friends and family helped out but I will never, ever order an Asda delivery again because of this.

Waitrose Online Shop

People have a perception that Waitrose is expensive but in my opinion, it's really not. They often give you freebies and upgrade your meat to organic and do have pretty good offers on too. For the past few years I've generally always ordered a Waitrose delivery in the run up to Christmas and it feels like a real treat. This year I missed the online delivery slots for Christmas though (booooo) so I've reserved a delivery slot for 20 December - I'm going to order a lot of our non-perishables in this shop eg chocolates, nuts & frozen party food and will buy a few bottles of wine from here too. There are still a few delivery slots available around 20 December - if you'd like one, get in quick! You need to spend £60 to check out so I normally add a couple of bottles of Champagne to my trolley and then amend nearer the time. I think because Waitrose are renowned for their customer service they'd never let us down like Asda has in the past and we've never had any items out of stock.


I've never in my life braved an actual supermarket a few days before Christmas and I'm a little scared at the prospect! I love the look of a lot of Aldi's Christmas food this year so have decided I'm going to set my alarm and get there for the shop opening on 21 December. I'm going to buy our vegetables, fruit and a few of their Christmas treats too. Oh and also wine and spirits! Wish me luck.


You can't beat an M&S Christmas food order. We cooked lunch for my mam a few years ago and ordered the entire dinner from M&S. We collected the produce on Christmas Eve only to find there had been an error with delivery and everything had not been refrigerated so they couldn't sell us our products. I was devastated! Where could I find a whole Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve??? The shop was bedlam as customers were really kicking off. All credit to M&S though - they practically gave us full reign of the shop and said we could have anything from the shelves as a replacement and they gave us a full refund too. So we actually ended up with a better Christmas dinner and it was free! This year we've ordered a turkey crown, glazed ham and buffet food from M&S and we'll be collecting our order on 22 December ready to take to our Christmas cottage.

Farm shops and shopping local

I realise I'm a bit of a hypocrite as I'm buying a lot of my Christmas food from big brands this year but sometimes this does work out to be the best option. We do usually buy a turkey from our local farm but this year we only need something small so went with M&S instead. We'll be supporting local by buying our cheese and Spanish hams from The Grainger Market and various markets we visit in December and I always try to buy local chutneys and jams from Christmas markets too.

Home baking

Christmas isn't Christmas without a spot of home-baking and this year we'll be making several batches of mince pies, a Christmas cake and some stollen too.

I know it's only one day and we don't need to go overboard with food - I'll try not to buy too much and I'll also make sure I add some extra food to our local food bank too.

Where do you buy your Christmas food? I love hearing about what others do.......


  1. That Asda horror story is horrendous! What a nightmare!
    Last year I bought bits throughout December to pop in my freezer and non perishable stuff like crackers/nibbles etc. Then I braved Aldi/Lidl on the 23rd :D It was actually ok. I did get there early and got everything and more we needed. So I think I'll be doing the same this year!
    We're making mince pies too. And my Mam and Dad make chutney and cranberry sauce :) I want to make something else too but not sure what yet :)
    I feel so Christmassy!! :D :D xxx

  2. Oh my god! That Asda story actually gives me the chills. My Mam always buys her food from M&S but last year they got a turkey from Lidl and no one knew the difference. As my Mam does Christmas dinner for what feels like the 5000 I always make up the cheese board. The last dew months I have been trying all the cheeses and I'm sure this year we'll have the best cheese board in County Durham!! Katie x

  3. boo to asda! that winter was horrendous as i was preg with abigail too and had to navigate the streets when the bus decided it couldn't get into the estate. I'm not sure where our christmas food comes from-i think an elf delivers it to my parents house? we did morrisons a fee years back for the bird in a bird fresh from butchers-was lush! this was the year my parents were in limbo as they sold a house and we waiting for keys to the other one!

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