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20 North East Bloggers Share their Favourite Christmas Memories & Traditions

I love reading about the Christmas traditions that other families enjoy and share year on year. I love that every family celebrates in their own special way. Today 20 North East bloggers are sharing their favourite Christmas traditions and memories - I'd love to hear if you have any special traditions to add to the list.

Caroline from Sprog on the Tyne remembers being forced to head out for a Christmas Day walk with the extended family and the ground being covered in snow. Despite moaning about it at the time and preferring to stay in and play with her new toys, it's a tradition that has stuck with Caroline and this year you might just spot the family taking a stroll along Tynemouth.

Katie Jane Online's favourite memory is from Christmas morning. Katie's father would always pop into the garden room and ask if he's been - something he still does today.

Christmas Eve is a special time that Laura from Look At My Clothes recalls with fond memories. New PJs, slippers and fresh bedding were always a tradition and something Laura's mum still does today despite Laura being 30!

A big part of Christmas in the North East is going to see Fenwick's Christmas Window and Gemma from Gemma's Journey remembers the first time she saw it. Gemma remembers thinking she didn't understand what all of the fuss was about until she saw it with her own eyes and then she realised - the snow falling, Christmas music and the story unfolding across the windows is something she'll always remember and a trip to see Fenwick's Window still remains a Christmas highlight for the family today.

For Jessica from Highlighting the North East, it's Boxing Day that she holds most dear. They used to bring their mattresses downstairs and spend the whole day lounging around, eating leftovers and lots of chocolate with the family. This sounds like bliss to me!

Amanda from Family Times UK can still remember that feeling of waking up in December to find that the Christmas Fairies had put up the Christmas Tree whilst they slept, a tradition that has passed down the generations and still happens for their family today.

I thought Christmas Eve Boxes were quite a recent thing but Rebecca from Becx Blogs has fond memories of her own special box complete with PJs, hot chocolate, sweets and a new game to play.

I don't share Pixie from Fashion Voyeur's love of snow but the anticipation of waiting for the first few flakes to fall is something we all remember from our childhoods. Pixie remembers the effort her parents went to and create a lovely family Christmas along with the excitement of hearing Sleigh Bells on Christmas Eve.

For Hannah from Fab Fat Mama, it was all about the tree and they'd always put the Christmas Tree up as a family whilst watching a Christmas movie - a tradition that continues today with the next generation.

Sitting at the top of the stairs with her sisters and waiting for dad to check if Santa had been is a special memory shared by Deborah from Country Heart and Home and Lindsay from Newcastle Family Life remembers the magic of Christmas Eve and not being able to sleep.

Cat from Here Come the Hoopers shares that for others, the smell of Christmas is the pine needles on a real tree where as for her it's always the smell of dust and loft insulation as you dig your artificial tree out of the loft that reminds her of Christmas.

Helen from Nelly's Cupcakes fondly remembers Christmas mornings where she'd wear matching PJs to her sister and spend the whole morning playing with just the immediate family.

Mandy from Mandy Charlton Photography Blog has always focused on ensuring Christmas Eve is as magical as possible. When the sleigh bells ring, you know the elf has delivered your new Christmas PJs!

Growing up on an army base camp, Helen from Honestly Helen remembers a few of the younger soldiers dressing up as Santa and Elves to deliver extra presents on Christmas morning. By the time they got to Helen's house, they were always legless after one too many sherries.

Christmas Tree Day is a big thing in Nymoi from Nomipalony's house. As a child, they'd always put the tree up together with Christmas music playing in the background and it's a tradition Nyomi has continued with her own children - Christmas Tree Day involves new PJs, decorating the house and then snuggling down with ht chocolates to watch the first Polar Express of the season together.

The pre-Christmas excitement was always the best part of Christmas for Stuart from Go-Eat-Do and opening the last door of the advent calendar always meant that the wait was almost over.

Bryony from the B-Line always remembers Christmas Eve and carefully selecting the perfect snack for Santa with her dad and then being amazed when a few crumbs were left on the plate the following morning.

For Karen from Monkey Footed Mummy, it's the socks that she remembers fondly. Not shop-bought ones but her dad's long socks. They'd be packed with a satsuma, bubble bath, pencils and undies but opening the stockings (or socks) first thing was always memorable.

Sharon from Best Before End Date remembers her dad tucking her into bed on Christmas Eve and reminding her that she must be asleep if she'd like Father Christmas to visit as if you're awake, the magic doesn't work.

Akvile from did not celebrate Christmas in the UK and remembers the tradition of eating 12 dishes on Christmas Eve - they didn't have to be large meals and could just be 12 tapas style dishes and contributing to the table from an early age is a memory of Christmas that Akvile will never forget.

Let me know if your family shares a special Christmas tradition......


  1. Thank you for including me in your Christmas traditions post! :) Good to read other people's traditions too! Akvile xx

  2. Ah this gives me all the festive feels! Love Christmas and I share many similar family traditions as fellow bloggers too! Great post! :) xx

  3. Oh this is Lovely! I'm obsessed by Christmas and started watching the hjallmark movies a couple of months ago. My favourite memory of Christmas and I do it every year is putting the lights on and slade "its christmas " then the boys and I all dance together(and they get so hyped up) then we go in and let the carnage begin!


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