Monday, 30 October 2017

50 Ideas for your Child's Christmas Book Basket or Advent Tree

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Ever since my Harry was tiny we've had the Christmas tradition of our own Christmas book advent tree. We started it off with 12 books and then gradually built our collection. Once you've made the initial investment it's a lovely inexpensive tradition and bringing the same books out year after year always brings out those feelings of nostalgia. My children's reading habits have changed quite a bit since the toddler years now and every year I tend to replace a couple of the younger books with something new. 

The idea of a book advent tree is that every evening, a book is unwrapped and read before bedtime OR you can simply create a Christmas book basket and leave it in a place your children can help themselves to. 

If you're looking for new ideas for Christmas books this year, I have 50 ideas for you below. Simply click on the images to read more. Let me know if you have a favourite Christmas book to add to the list. 

 Let me know if any of these books are favourites in your house.

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50 Ideas for your Child's Christmas Book Basket


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