Thursday, 28 September 2017

HARIBO Advent Calendar 2017 Review - Take a Peek at What's Inside

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Chocolate advent calendars aren't for everyone and I'm delighted to feature a fantastic alternative today that won't break the bank. The HARIBO Advent Calendar is currently available for just £7 via Amazon. The calendar is larger than the advent calendars we're used to and features 24 doors with a sweet treat behind each door. All of the treats are individually wrapped and many are Christmas themed. I love the Christmas scene featured on the front of this calendar and it certainly looks nice and inviting. 

HARIBO Advent Calendar 2017 Review - Take a Peek Inside

There's a good mix of treats inside and as we opened each door we enjoyed not knowing what was going to be behind each door - a range of treats rather than the same chocolate every day definitely adds to the countdown excitement! Here's a look at exactly what's inside (I won't ruin it and tell you which door they're all behind):  

We love Haribo and I loved that some of the treats were Christmas themed whether this be a mini bag of Winter Wonderland themed sweets or a large reindeer shaped jelly. 

HARIBO Advent Calendar 2017 Review - Take a Peek Inside

There was even a Christmas Tree behind one door (I've taken it out of it's wrapper for this photo).

The Christmas themed treats were mixed with regular favourites including with my personal favourite - Maoam bars! 

As my three were digging into this calendar I couldn't help but think it would be perfect for school teachers to use in their classrooms. Our school normally use chocolate calendars but I think this Haribo calendar is a lot less messy AND the children can keep the wrapped bag of sweets in their drawer until home time. Of course, these calendars aren't just for kids, Grown-ups will love them too and I must admit Steve and I did sneak a couple of doors open when the kids weren't looking. A daily dose of HARIBO in December will definitely keep me happy! 

HARIBO Advent Calendar 2017 Review - Take a Peek Inside

If you or your kids love HARIBO, this calendar won't disappoint and thanks to it's size and the range of treats included, I think it offers very good value for money. 

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  1. Ooh I didn't realise you could get Haribo Advent calendars. It's a nice alternative to chocolate. Are Mums allowed them???

  2. The girls would love this! i wouldn't say no either though lol!

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