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18 Awesome toys from the 80s and 90s that you can still buy today

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I'd love to hear what your favourite toys were as you were growing up. For me, it had to be my fashion wheel and Barbie caravan. I would spend hours playing with them! Today I'm taking you on a trip down memory lane and remembering some of the best toys from the 80s and 90s that are still available today. I would LOVE to play Atmosphere with my own children and think Heidi would love a Cupcake Surprise Doll. Let me know if you have any favourites from the list.

1 - Tamagotchi buy here

I remember forcing my parents to feed and water my digital pal when I was at school! Not sure I want my three to do the same.......

2 - Super Soaker - buy here

A Super Soaker was the ultimate outdoor toy in our area and our whole street would often head outside and join in with a massive water fight whenever someone decided to wash their car.

3 - Atmosphere - buy here

Atmosphere was the game of choice for us girls when we were around aged 10. We would go over to our friend's house, dim the lights and pop in a video. Yes - I'm sure it was a video back in the 90s.

4 - Fashion Wheel - buy here

Fashion Wheel was one of my favourites. I'd spend hours in my bedroom creating new designs and imagining a career travelling the world as a designer (that dream totally worked out).

5 - Thundercats figures - buy here

Steve loved Thundercats when he was younger, in fact he still has a couple of the figures today.

6 - Glo Worm - buy here

I distinctly remember from my childhood if there was ever a new baby for us to visit, they'd always have a glo worm toy!

7 - Tracey Island - buy here

My little bro was lucky enough to receive his own Tracey Island for Christmas and we'd spend hours playing together. Thunderbird 2 was totally my favourite!

8 - My Little Pony - buy here

I didn't own any My Little Pony's but one of my friends did - I remember she had stables for them and everything. It was always our toy of choice whenever I visited on a play date.

9 - Buzz Lightyear - buy here

It is probably a little past my time but I still remember the huge chaos when everyone needed a Buzz Lightyear for Christmas but they were sold out everywhere.....

10 - Barbie Caravan - buy here

I LOVED my Barbie Caravan and it was probably my most played with toy. We went on many adventures together and I loved that it had it's own detachable car.

11 - Spirograph - buy here

Looking back now, I think a Spirograph is a pretty boring toy but really enjoyed creating lots of crazy patterns, I think it was therapeutic!

12 - Mr Pop - buy here

Mr Pop was one of our favourite childhood games. The anticipation waiting for the face to pop was almost too much at times! I think I'm going to buy this for my own children this year.

13 - Mr Frosty - buy here

I yearned for a Mr Frosty when I was a child but it was always a big fat no. Every single Christmas morning I'd hope that this would be the year and it never was. As a grown up myself now, I can totally see where my parents were coming from. We've tried Mr Frosty and although the kids loved it, I thought it was pretty crap!

14 - Cupcake Surprise Doll - buy here

I adored my Cupcake Surprise doll and both myself and my cousin had one. They looked like a cupcake but would open out into a doll. They each had their own scent too - mine was strawberry.

15 - Pogs - buy here

The pog craze well and truly swept our middle school by storm and every child would own hundreds of them. Break times were spent swapping and playing and I actually can't believe they are still around now.

16 - Stretch Armstrong - buy here

I remember walking past Stretch Armstrong toys in the toy shop and always thinking they looked like so much fun. I never got to play with one though. Sob!

17 - Screwball Scramble - buy here

My next door neighbour had Screwball Scramble and every time I went over I'd insist we play - I was obsessed! I think my three would enjoy this now too.

18 - Mouse Trap - buy here

My grandma had a retro version of Mouse Trap and I always remember playing it when we spent the night. Happy days!

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Let me know if you'll be taking a trip down memory lane and buying any of these retro toys this Christmas or if there's a toy from your childhood that hasn't made my list. 

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18 Awesome toys from the 80s and 90s that you can still buy today


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  1. OMG I can't believe you can still get all of that amazing stuff! I'd completely forgotten about pogs! My parents wouldn't let me have a Mr Frosty, I also wasn't allowed a house for my My Little Ponies so they had to live in a cardboard box!


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