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14 versions of Monopoly you need in your life this Christmas

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14 versions of Monopoly you need in your life this Christmas

Monopoly has to be the ultimate family board game to play around the table. Created way back in 1935, this classic game has been the source of multiple arguments in our family through the years - who gets to be the dog? is the banker cheating? stop being so competitive...... you get the picture. It can also be lots of fun and aimed at children aged 8+ is a game of fast dealing, quick thinking and strategy. I remember playing with my mam's old Monopoly game when I was growing up and at home now we have a couple of versions (Star Wars is our favourite) and there are now thousands of versions available around the world (if you have a few hours to spare, you can check out the full list here). I've put together a list of some of my favourites. Let me know which version you have at home.

1 - Game of Thrones Monopoly - buy here

The race for control for Westeros is on. Playing tokens include the iron throne, a white walker and a dragon egg. 

2 - Queen Monopoly - buy here

Tour your favourite gigs but watch out for jail and bankruptcy! 

3 - Transformers Monopoly - buy here

This retro Transformers game includes Autobots at playing tokens. 

4 - Adventure Time Monopoly - buy here

Princess BubbleGum, Jake and Finn all star in this special Adventure Time version of Monopoly. 

5 - Disney Monopoly - buy here

Travel through fairy tale lands and enjoy this classic Disney twist on Monopoly. Tokens include Aladdin's Lamp and the Poison Apple from Snow White. 

6 - Shopkins Monopoly Junior - buy here

Monopoly Junior is suitable for ages 5+ and this Shopkins version will definitely be a hit with younger children. Characters include Gran Jam and Cupcake Queen. 

7 - 007 Monopoly - buy here

One for James Bond fans, you can choose to play as Bond, Spectre or even an Aston Martin. 

8 - Nintendo Monopoly - buy here

Mario, Luigi and Zelda are part of this fun version that's perfect for Nintendo fans. 

9 - Christmas Monopoly - buy here

This version is next on my list - tokens, the board and properties are all festive themed.

10 - Star Wars Monopoly - buy here

You can play as your favourite Star Wars character and dominate the galaxy in this version. 

11 - Avengers Monopoly - buy here

Play as your favourite Avengers character and pick up a S.H.I.E.L.D or Villians card when you take a chance. 

12 - Doctor Who Monopoly - buy here

This version celebrates 50 years of Doctor Who and features 11 doctors plus some much loved companions. 

13 - One Direction Monopoly - buy here

This version of Monopoly will make a perfect gift for any 1D fan out there. 

14 - Original Monopoly - buy here

Of course, you can't go wrong with the classic can you? 

Let me know which version of Monopoly you'd like to play this Christmas. 

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14 versions of Monopoly you need in your life this Christmas


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